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    Hainan Island Salt

    Geographical mark products, refers to products produced in the special region, the quality, reputation or other characteristics of the products depended on the nature factors and human factors of the origin, and approved to use the geographical names to name the products. Geographical mark products are the products planted and bred in local area and the raw materials in whole or in part from other areas, and they are products produced and processed in local area in accordance with the specific process.

    Surrounded by the sea, Hainan Island, with plenty of sun baked and surrounded by the sea, is the only tropical island in China, is and one of the best environmental protection areas, and is also universally recognized as "one of the few pure unpolluted places unpolluted." Hainan Island has a long history of salt production. As early as 1200 years ago, there was a record that people living in the coastal waters have had boiled water into the salt. Then salt-making culture of drying sand in salt pan appeared, and gradually evolved into today's salt-making method by drying seawater. The method of making salt from the sea water with the sun and sea salt is to leading the sea water into salt pans, the seawater crystallized into natural sun baked salt through sun baked, wind effect and natural evaporation. Because of this unique technology, minerals and trace elements in sea water can be retained.

    The annual output of Hainan Sun baked Natural Salt is about 200 thousand tons, the main products are sun baked fine white salt, sun baked selected salt, sun baked quality salt, sun baked natural salt, coarse salt in middle particles, coarse salt in large particles and preserving salt and so on. Specially test by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center shows that Hainan sun baked salt production is rich in sodium, calcium, strontium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium and other trace elements needed by the human body, and contains toxic heavy metals much far less than the national minimum allowed value range. Hainan Sun baked Salt not only can eat directly, but also the major raw materials of a variety of food seasoning, soy sauce production, vegetables and seafood marina ion. In addition, Hainan Sun baked Natural salt is also used for cosmetic care, shower sterilization, anti-inflammatory and so on. Average life expectancy of Hainan Island population is higher than the national level's, which has a very close relationship with the ecology, living environment and other factors in Hainan Island.