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    Health Care Bag

    Profile of Sea Salt Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care Bag

    This health care bag takes deep sea salt as major raw materials and contains various natural botanical drug and traditional Chinese medicine which are aromatic, pungent warm and activating blood circulation. This bag uses the principle of heat treatment and makes deep sea salt and medicines function. Chinese medicine thinks that “circulation is important to blood”, blood circulation is the key of health. Poor blood circulation may make people feel tired with numb muscle and arthrosis as well as painful bones, namely “poor circulation means pain”. Blood tends to clot in cold and tends to circulate in warm, which means warm is the key point for all of such symptoms.

    Sea salt is obtained from deep sea, which is natural and pure and contains various healthful minerals such as iodine, sodium, bromine, potassium, strontium, magnesium, ferrum, etc. The formula also contains mugwort leaf, cinnamon, rhizoma chuanxiong and safflower which are aromatic, pungent warm and activating blood circulation. The blood may be activated by warming and actively circulate. Aromaticity may make drug efficacy permeate through skin and into meridians and collaterals as well as blood vessels; the combination of blood circulation and aromaticity may dispel cold and activate blood. Heat treatment may raise shell temperature, unfold subcutaneous tissue, relax and dilate blood capillary vessels, activate blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, in this way, may promote the recovery of the physiological function of human tissue.

    For sea salt traditional Chinese medicine health care bag, heating may promote the release and permeation of effective ingredients. Various trace elements and herb ingredients contained in the bag may simultaneously permeate through skin and make the function of relaxing muscles and unblocking vessels, activating blood and relieving pain, facilitating sleep, inducing resuscitation and resisting fatigue on the affected part. Due to salt has a relatively high specific heat and absorbs more quantity of heat during heating, hot compress with salt may be featured with slow heat dissipation and long heat preservation. Sea salt also may permeate through skin and bring out the moisture content and superfine materials beneath the skin to achieve slimming; for the people with fat abdomen, surplus fat may be removed in this way and weight reducing may be achieved. At the same time, by the inducement of hot compress, sea salt may, on the one hand, relieve pain and resist fatigue which make people feel refreshing; on the other hand, facilitate sleep and improve quality of sleep.

    To sum up, the method of hot compress combining with deep sea salt and Chinese traditional medicine may be used with convenience, safety, free of toxicity and side effect. For tired working, toilsome journey, poor sleep, numb body and pain muscle, the effect is apparent. The function of regulating the balance of yin and yang in the body as well as preventing disease and caring health may be achieved for long-term use.

    Chinese Medicine Research Institution of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine