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    Magical Wikipedia

    For cooking

    1. Dried beancurd with bean flavor, when steeped by salt water, it can not only remove the flavor, but also whiten the dried beancurd, and makes the beancurd not easy broken when cooked.
    2. When leavening dough or making noodles or dumpling wrapper, if a little salt is added to reconcile, can shorten the fermentation time, and increase the gluten strength and elastic face, then makes the taste better.
    3. When apples, pears, potatoes and lotus root cut well, they can be soaked in cold salt water for both oxidation discoloration and sweetflavor-keeping.
    4. Vegetables like bitter gourd, and radish with bitter and astringent , when cut well, if added some salt to soap for a while then filtering juice before cooking , it can reduce the bitter taste.
    5. Tomato salad with sugar, if some salt is added, it will be sweeter, because salt can reconcile the tomato acidity.
    6. , Rub fish, poultry offal with salt first, then wash with water, it can remove mud and smell fishy.
    7. When taking frozen fish, frozen chicken and frozen meat from the refrigerator, putting them into the salt water for thawing. It is not only fast but also can maintain the tender.
    8. When cutting fishes, dipping some salt on fingers, it can reduce stick-slip.
    9. When frying food with oil, put some salt into the pan, then the oil will not splash out.

    Beauty Care

    Hainan Island salt" is rich in minerals, and with the "Hainan Island salt" fumigation sauna, health care effect is better.

    • Salt Brightening

      After wash your face, you can apply a teaspoon of fine salt on the palm mixed with 3-5 drops of water, then use fingers carefully to stir the mixture, and then stain with salt water wipping from forehead till down on the face, with doing circling gentle massage. A few minutes later, when the salt water on the face is dry with white powder, you can use warm water to wash face clean and then coat with moisturizing lotion or continue normal skin care steps. In this way, washing each time every morning and evening, you will get a good effect of cleaning and decontamination, even can remove the fact accumulated in the pores, acnes and the blackheads.However, you should avoid the skin around eyes when do massage and more care to the sensitive skin. Do keep the salt water from eyes to avoid injuring eye conjunctiva.

    • Acne Treatment with Salt

      In fact, salt is also useful for chronic acne on the back. Fully warm the body after bathing. When the pores are open, and more fine salt shall be applied on the back, on every corner of it. Massage not too hard with a bath brush for 1 minute, as long as the salt between the skin and the brush can be moved. Then use sponge dipped with light salt water attached to the back for 10 minutes, and wash clean with water.

    • Oil Controlled with Salt

      To the T part of strong secretion of oil, even fall comes, the "oil production" of a lot of oily skin goes up continuely. For some skin part. Apply some fine salt on the wet skin and you can gently massage it and let the skin rest for 3 minutes, then squeezedly massage with middle finger pulp on the part with open pores of two side of nose.

    Pickled articles

    "Hainan Island salt" tastes good, with pure and fresh flavor. Customers who licked with tongue, all say that it tastes pure and fresh, without exception. Additionally, Hainan Island Salt with high content of strontium, has a good permeability into food and is good material to produce pickles, soy sauce, miso, noodle. With “ Hainan Island Salt” to salt fishes seaweed and other seafood, it will make them taste better and better quality. With this kind of salt, the kimchi would be more solid, crisp, more delicious, and the quality will be better. With "Hainan Island Salt" as the raw material, the soy sauce and miso will taste better with a refreshing sweet feeling, and their permeability is also very good to the food.


    1. Brushing teeth with light salt water not only can prevent gum bleeding, clean teeth and get rid of halitosis but also make teeth white an shiny.
    2. Washing hair with light salt water often can prevent hair losing.
    3. Drinking some light salt water can treat cold and abdominal pain.
    4. Porcelain bowls and porcelain cups cooked in the salt water before the first use, will not be easy broken.
    5. Washing clothes with a little salt can save one-third of washing powder.
    6. Sprayed with concentrated salt water, charcoa will release more heat and less smok when burn, and one third of the charcoal can be saved.
    7. Washing easy fading clothes, when add some salt, fading can be prevented.
    8. Drinking a light salt water in the morning can help eliminate ozostomia and clean intestinal heat to maintain smooth stool.
    9. Washing feet with light solution of daily salt, not only can be slipperily comfortable, but also prevent beriberi.
    10. When Goldfishes kept at home suffer white spot disease or colitis, they can be put into fish tank with light salt water (1000 ml of water with 3 grams of salt) to make them recover.
    11. Bathing with some salt in the water can cure skin diseases.
    12. Apply some salt on used cutting board before wash it, it will have a sterilized and clean effect.